Banana Nut Pancakes

Lately I've been pretty obsessed with banana's.  I have to admit, banana has always been one of my favorite fruits (probably because it's so starchy).  I've been trying to incorporate breakfast into my daily routine, which is new to me, and when I think of breakfast I think of bananas and pancakes.   So to make life easier I figured it was time to make some banana walnut pancakes.

I love pancakes because its pretty easy to make and requires few ingredients. I found a recipe here, but I made adjustments to it.  Instead of making my own dough, I bought Bisquick.  Then I replaced the pecans with crushed walnuts.  I have to admit, It was a pretty scrumptious meal.  

Just a hint, whenever you cook with banana's make sure you pick over ripe bananas so the flavor will be creamy sweet!

For an even easier breakfast with banana's I love spreading Nutella on an english muffin and topping it with fresh banana slices, absolutely devine.  Or throwing it in with vanilla yogurt and granola. 


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