Once Upon the 90's

A long time ago in the 90's I used to watch made for TV Disney movies.  There was a time when the Disney channel was known for these and came out with a new one about once a month.  And every now and then I stumble across one on the internet.  Last night I was taken back in time when I found Wish Upon a Star in my Netflix live stream.  It's one of those films that you completely forget about, but once you see it again you remember it like you saw it yesterday. 

The story is pretty chee-zay.  Two totally different sisters switch bodies by a wish made upon a shooting star.  Suddenly the nerdy sister is trapped in the popular sisters body and reverse for the other sister.  Recognize some one?  I believe this is one of Katherine Heigl's first main roles in a movie.  

Although there is nothing complex about the movie I never find myself bored, there is always something interesting happening.  Like Danielle Harris's character wearing a dominatrix outfit and putting on a live show in her school's cafeteria.  

Which naturally starts making all the students in the cafeteria go wild, including some out-of-control nerds.


And I'm pretty sure I used to own the exact same leopard outfit that mean girl has on...when I was 10...

Yeah the movie is pretty dumb, but it still takes me way back to another time.  So I appreciate it for the memory road.  The time in which I wore leopard print outfits, rocked to the Spice Girls, collected frog jewelry, and said 'whatever' too damn much (actually I still do that..hmmm...). 


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